With the right keywords, the world is your oyster

If you want more traffic to your website, you'll need to consider carefully which keywords you want to use. Make sure you're using the keywords that the most people are searching for.

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Find out the things
people are really searching for

A professional can help with this. Don't try to guess - just because YOU would search for a particular term doesn't mean your customers would.


Target readers
who are interested

Know your audience. Case in point: the popularity of the search term "birds of prey" will not automatically mean more traffic to your birding blog if the searchers are looking for the movie by the same name.

Grow your traffic

Target the right keywords for your website and watch your traffic grow.

Helpful Strategies

Use these approaches in combination
for maximum effect.

  • Determine which keywords you already rank for

    Find out the keywords that are sending existing traffic to your site.

  • Determine which keywords your competitors rank for

    Keywords that are sending traffic to your competitors are valuable ones for you to use also.

  • Find related keyword phrases that you are not yet ranking for

    Create a list of these keywords ordered by search volume.

  • Create or update your content

    Aim for popular search terms you're not yet ranking for. Understand that some of these may be so competitive that it may be difficult for you to rank in these. Include some of the slightly less popular search terms too.

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